Welcome to Teakle Composites. We develop and manufacture fibre composite products (carbon fibre and glass fibre) for mining, drilling, industrial, aerospace and R&D applications.

If you require high strength, light weight or excellent corrosion resistance, talk to us about using fibre composite materials. We can tailor mechanical and electrical properties to suit your application. We can embed electrical or optical conductors, sensors, actuators or processors. Almost anything is possible with fibre composites.

  • Our experienced team includes people with degrees in mechanical, space and mechatronic engineering
  • We use advanced software for CAD, engineering calculations and finite element analyses to rapidly generate, analyse and communicate your designs
  • Our precision machinery can rapidly and accurately construct your designs

We have successfully developed products for our valued clients from special-purpose borehole liners in service hundreds of metres underground to a large lightweight rocket nosecone that protected a multi-million dollar experiment travelling at 10,000 km/h.

If you are considering using carbon fibre products or glass fibre composites materials, we invite you to browse our website and contact us to discuss your ideas.






Core Services

Design concept development

3D solid modelling and 2D engineering drawings

Advanced finite element analysis

Prototype construction



Testing in the laboratory, workshop and field

Fabrication, especially filament winding